Questions & Answers
Here are a few common questions I receive about artwork.

Q: What is CMYK?
A: CMYK Stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black. CMYK is used for color printing and each letter represents the color of ink being used.
Q: What are bitmap images?
A: A bitmap is a type of graphic composed of pixels (picture elements) in a grid. Each pixel or "bit" contains color information for the image. Bitmap graphic formats have a fixed resolution which means that resizing a bitmap graphic can result in distortion and jagged edges.
Q: What are vector images?
A: Vector images are cuttable and can be resized to any dimension without losing quality. Perfect for banners and screenprinting.
Q: If I send you a copyrighted or trademarked logo, can you print or cut it for me?
A: The unauthorized use of registered trademarks and copyrighted logos or designs is illegal. When creating a product which incorporates these logos, we do reserve the right to ask for written permisson.
Q: What is RGB?
A: RGB Stands for Red, Green, Blue and is used primarily for electronic-sourced devices such as televisions and monitors.